Plagramme Review: The Most Innovating and Exclusive Plagiarism Checker of 2016

Plagramme Review: Which industry apart from the “startups” is booming right now? It’s the Digital Marketing and Online industry of course. And what’s the souls and bones of the industry? Content!

Ask anyone what makes a blog go from 0 to five figures, and the first thing they would say is- Content! So content is a crucial part, in fact, the most basic and the most important element if you want even to run a blog, let alone make it successful.

This growing demand for content has created a different industry in the market altogether. That of “Content Creators.” There are hundreds of “content creation” tools and individual writers. But the problem is, nothing comes close to a manually written, well-researched article.

Now here arises the problem of “Plagiarism” and this is where this Plagramme review comes into action. Plagiarism is what’s killing your websites and reputation without you even knowing it (or with your consent in some cases!).

What is Plagiarism?

According to Wikipedia, it’s defined as “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.”   

So in simple English, it just means that Copy-pasting of articles with slight modifications to couple sentences and words to bypass plagiarism checkers.

Plagiarism occurs for two primary reasons:-

  • Your article writer doesn’t want to do the hard work.
  • The automated spinners/article writing tools you or your writers use.

What is Plagramme?

Plagramme Review

It’s probably one of the best plagiarism checker tools I’ve ever come across in 2016, and nope I’m not saying that because this is a Plagramme review, once you get a glimpse of the features, you’ll believe it for yourselves.

It is quite the advanced plagiarism checker tool in terms of features and algorithms with a ton of “exclusive” and “unique” features.

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What other Plagiarism Checkers do?

They mostly can only counter copy-paste articles. Meaning if there’s a direct copy-paste article, in that case, the article will be flagged as plagiarized, but everyone knows that these days and hence minor changes in the articles let them bypass the checkers.

So your article writers and article spinners just make the minor changes and substitute the sentences with their synonyms, and the article passes with over 90%+ unique content!

But Google isn’t as stupid, and hence over-time the flaw is detected, and you suddenly loose all your rankings while you think you did nothing wrong!

Plagramme Review:-

Advanced Plagiarism Detection Features:-

Over-time the industry has developed some “tweaks” to bypass plagiarism checker tools, let’s have a look at what these “tweaks” are. Let me tell you all these “Tweaks” can be countered by Plagramme as it’s built with anti-plagiarism algorithm.

1). White Color Characters:- It’s a technique where you can copy-paste an article, and then just insert random alphabets colored in white, in between the sentences which change the sentences on the structural level, but for the readers, it remains the same as white color isn’t visible on white background.

2). Citation:- Originally, this feature was developed keeping in mind that “quotes need to be quoted.” Only then a quote will make sense, and hence “quoted” sentences aren’t marked as plagiarized even if they are. But Plagramme detects when there’s over the citation and can flag it for you.

3). Switching Characters:- There is more than one kind of alphabets in case you didn’t know. I just myself got to know this during my research that Latin and Cyrillic characters can be inter-changed as they look identical to humans but aren’t the same “characters”.

So the point is, all these tweaks don’t work with Plagramme and it will still detect a plagiarism if it’s there.

Other Plagramme Features:-

The above was just one feature in this Plagramme review, Plagramme encompasses a lot of other such advanced features which we will take a look at now:-


Plagramme has this feature where your plagiarized content is highlighted and colour-coded as well! Colors been green for good quotes, paraphrases being orange and bad quotes being purple.

Links to Original Source:-

This is what was a strong go signal for me to scribble this Plagramme review down. Plagramme Plagiarism checker points out the links to the sources from where your lines or articles are copied.

That way you don’t only get the fact that the article is copied, you actually have a source to back your claim up. And then either you can rectify the article yourselves, or you can hit your article guy up for it.

Unique Features:-

The following features are unique to Plagramme as I didn’t find these with any other plagiarism checker and hence I’ve made this section separately for this Plagramme review

Paraphrase Scores:-

It gives you a paraphrase score which tells you if you’ve too many paraphrases in your article. If you do, manually reviewing the article for plagiarism might be a good idea.

Citation Detection:-

As I already said, it can detect good and bad citations and let you know if the article is going to be flagged as plagiarized or unique.

Again, the sentences will be color coded for ease of identification.

Detection in Different Languages:-

This is my personal favorite feature. The best way to copy an article without hitting a red flag is (was, before Plagramme was born) to translate the article in different languages.

But not with Plagramme. With Plagramme, even if the article is spun in different languages, a plagiarism can’t be cheated as it’s capable of identifying multi-lingual translations.

Final Verdict:-

I’ve been with quite a number of Plagiarism checkers before this. And I must admit, Plagramme has some innovative algorithms to its name which are totally unique to the tool.

Also the features I discussed are like the icing on the cake thing, the real deal is too long and extensive for me to discuss in this short Plagramme review But let me just give you a glimpse:-

So why don’t you go and try this plagiarism checker for yourselves?

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