8 Mistakes you Must Avoid while Developing a Mobile App

Mobile apps are ruling our personal device space and it is bound to grow more in the future. The demand seems to be never ending and we will definitely see more upsurge in downloads than ever. However, as a user you might have noticed that not all the apps are successful and as a developer you might have noticed a few things that you can do to make your app successful. New and amateur developers usually find it difficult to get a good start. There are various mobile app development Dallas companies which can help you develop an app but if you know about the best practices, you can do it yourself too. Let’s see the 8 of the most common mistakes that people make while developing an app and why you should avoid them.

Compromise on Speed and Performance

Never include a feature or develop the app in a way that compromises on the speed and performance of your app. Users are very sensitive to both of these things and it has been evident in many surveys that around 44% of the users of your app will uninstall it right away if the app lags or performance suffers. This includes bugs, app freezing, longer load times and if the overall experience of the user is insufferable. Make sure that while you develop an app, you keep speed and performance in mind and then develop it upwards.

Only Focusing On either UI/UX and Not Both

This is a problem that most of the apps suffer from. They either have a great UI or a great UX or lack one of those. However, the fact is to create a mesmerizing experience for your user, you need to focus equally on both. If your app looks good but offers a pathetic experience, even a great UI can’t save it. It is true vice versa as well. Hence, the best way you can engage users is to make your app look awesome and also create an amazing experience for them.

Not Creating For the Target Market

App developers often think too broad in terms of their target market. If it is your first app or you are just starting out, you can misjudge the market and create an app that is meant for the masses while you miss out on your key target market. Even the best mobile app development Dallas companies suggest that you must know for whom you are creating the app and make changes in the right direction keeping that in mind. This will definitely help you in creating an app that is loved by people who would want that app the most.

Choosing the Wrong Platform

Two of the major platforms for a mobile app are the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Both of them are very popular but if you have resources to create your app for only one platform, choosing the right one is essential. Both of them have their own pros and cons and you must access them properly before making the final decision. Think of your target market and it can help you in choosing the right platform. Launching your app initially on the right platform is important as well.

Intruding User’s Privacy and Being Too Pushy

Users really appreciate it when you value their privacy and don’t be too pushy while you are trying to seek information. Nobody likes apps that try to seek out information and are constantly intrusive about getting it. Put relevant call to action buttons as well ask for information in a subtle way, users will be more willing to share their information if you ask them this way. This also stays the same for push notifications, you need to send notifications that are relevant to the users or they will start ignoring them.

Copying Other Apps

If you are set out to develop a mobile app, never copy another app that you love or an app that is in the same category as yours. If users get to know about it, your goodwill will take a hit, also your ability to be creative will hamper. When you hire mobile app development Dallas companies, they make sure that your design as well as the features of your app are unique and unlike something which are already done. Provide real value to the users and they will come to you.

Not Planning Future Updates

Unless users are on Wi-Fi, nobody likes updating the app frequently. If they find that a particular app is pushing out a lot of updates, they will avoid it or else uninstall it in some cases. Thus, plan how you will be pushing the updates and make sure there is a considerable gap for each update. You need to create the right balance in pushing updates but planning them is surely a great way to ensure that no users are irritated by frequent updates.

Pushing to Production with Bugs

Although you might encounter a lot of bugs while you start developing an app, your team will eventually figure out a way to track and fix them. However, some developers are negligent and push the update even when they know that there are bugs. Try to avoid doing so in all cases as it might hamper the user’s experience and getting the user to trust on the app again is quite difficult. Provide users a feature where they can report bugs too, this will help you improve the app.

The Last Words

These are some of the mistakes that you must avoid at all costs while developing a mobile application. Even if you are starting out and this is your first app, keep these points in mind and users will love to install and use your app. If you are unsure about doing it yourself, you can hire a capable mobile app development Dallas Company that can help you avoid all such mistakes and create an app exactly the way you want.