Kepard VPN Review – Secured VPN Service

In the present Scenario, where everyone wants some privacy in their life, having privacy over the internet is also the matter of concern for everyone. Whatever we do online could be tracked by hackers, cyber criminals, neighbors, and advertisers or even by our own government. Places like airports, coffee shops, and malls etc. where internet is shared over Wi-Fi hotspots can be easily found. So, in order to access the internet securely and protect your identity, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is really what you need. To tackle the issues of surveillance over internet and to save oneself from getting monitored and tracked for IP-addresses by attackers, malicious software and snoopers, choosing of correct VPN service is must.

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VPN service allows users to surf through the internet anonymously and hence maintains their privacy and security. But unfortunately, all VPN services are not secure as they seem to be and often keep the users information with them. So, in order to browse the internet without any risks for getting tracked, choosing a right VPN service is of prior concern that ensures safety, security and privacy of the user. And one such VPN service is provided by Kepard!

Kepard Premium VPN service provides anonymous and secure surfing over the internet and with that you can transfer unlimited amount of encrypted data. It gives you secure access and make sure of complete user privacy. Kepard can easily be downloaded for windows or android devices such as laptops, desktops and mobile devices for free and is very easy to install.

Note: The application is not available for other OS’es Kepard can be configured on them manually using provided step by step instructions

The Kepard Premium service can be availed to get full access of all the servers, protocols and features provided by Kepard. Let’s check out the various features Kepard offers!


  • Online Security: Kepard VPN service provides a secure connection which prevents your precious data getting hacked or stolen over the internet.
  • Internet Privacy: it protects your identity by assigning you a different IP, hence helping you for anonymous surfing with unknown identity.
  • Internet Freedom: With the anonymous browsing over internet and with different IP, you can easily access the sites that have been banned or restricted in your region, school or at the place of your work. The freedom provided through this feature is limitless and you can explore the world of internet without any hesitation of getting monitored.
  • High Level Encryption: Kepard uses trusted secure protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN UDP, Open VPN TCP protocols to provide high level encryption over our entire Internet traffic. With such level of encryption, unlimited data can easily be transferred over the internet.       

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Additional Features:

  • With the one click button, you can easily connect or disconnect your VPN connection. Turning Off and On the connection will never get easier than this.
  • VPN protocols (L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN UDP, Open VPN TCP) and VPN server locations (Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Canada etc.) can easily be changed from the settings.
  • You can easily access the VPN configuration settings.
  • If your connection is lost, then it automatically detects the lost connection and prompts to reconnect.
  • It automatically updates new Kepard server locations.


  • Simultaneous connection – you can connect from two locations at the same time.
  • Fast Speed – if the server is geographically close, then there is no noticeable difference in connection speed.
  • Uses NAT Firewall
  • Up to 256 Bit Encryption
  • Supports all types of platforms – Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS, iOS
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Easy UI
  • Allows Torrents and P2P on NL Servers
  • Excellent Service
  • User Friendly
  • Quick change of IP addresses
  • Supports – Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Android 2.x/4.x/5.x OS


Why Kepard?

Unlike other VPN service providers who keep user details from over months, Kepard does not keep any logs (maximum 3 days), or private data of the user, except the email address used for registering with Kepard. One can easily watch movies / TV shows of their choice and can browse the internet without any risks, Kepard does it all for you! Although Kepard charges for providing the premium VPN service but first it provides a 1 day free service to their users once they get registered. And with the Kepard referral program one can get up to 180 days free premium VPN service. And if one still wants to enjoy the service for free then just invite the friends to join Kepard and one will get and additional free service for 30 days and the invited person gets 15 days of premium VPN. After registering with the plan, Kepard provides the user with Login id and password that can be used to enter the control panel where user can track the number of days left for using the service with that plan. Not only this, Kepard does a lot more and has much more to offer.



Kepard Premium VPN service is a good solution to browse the internet anonymously and safely, maintaining the privacy and accessing the restricted or banned contents with no risks of snooping or getting data hacks. VPN server locations are varied across continents in countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Canada etc. with negligible effect on connection speed. Kepard VPN service comes with decent price and plans which is worth every penny. One can save up to 60% on the pricing if the plan is chosen for long term. It also provides Affiliate program and 24*7*365 support for the users. The downloading of Kepard, installation and setup on various platforms and the frequently asked questions by the users can be easily found under the VPN section and Support section of the site respectively.

If one really wants to surf the internet securely, then this may be the best option with all the much needed security features, data encryption and fast speed unlimited data transfer facilities that keeps the privacy of user. With automatic updating of server locations and generation of IP addresses, have an anonymous internet surfing!