Jio Network Problem: How to Fix Jio 4G LTE SIM Network Problem

Jio Network Problem: Reliance Jio introduced Indian mobile internet users to a world of endless possibilities in terms of superfast internet.

It has done what other telecom companies can’t even think of. Jio is providing blazing fast 4G internet, free unlimited domestic calling as well as subscriptions to all its Jio apps, free of cost.

This helped Jio to crossed the 50 million user milestone in just 83 days.

With such a large user base, comes a large variety of problems. As Jio is in its testing phase, there are various issues associated with Jio sim card. One such major issues which we found out in our surveys is Jio sim network problem. There are problems like slow internet, call drops and network bars not showing up.

Jio Network Problem: How to Solve Jio 4G LTE SIM Network Problem

Jio Network Problem

So today we are going to tell you some steps or tricks on how to solve Jio network problem.

Problem 1: No network signals

If there are no network signals showing up then first of all check whether your phone is in the list of supported phones by Jio sim card. If it supports 4G, then you can try out these methods.

Step 1: Restart your Smartphone (It is the most common solution that we use often to solve our daily smartphone problems. Go on and restart your device.)

Step 2: Placing the Sim in first slot. Also, make sure that it is inserted correctly. (You should only insert sim in the slot which supports 4G. So, try placing the sim in your primary slot of the smartphone)

Step 3: Change the Preferred network manually (Go to Settings → Mobile networks → Jio 4G → Preferred network type → Prefer LTE). Also, make sure that data connection during roaming is enabled for both sims.

Step 4: Search manually for networks in settings by going to Settings → Mobile networks → Jio 4G → Networks Operators → Search Manually → Select ‘Reliance Jio’.

Step 5: Make sure your Jio sim is activated. Contact customer care to confirm that. Toll-free no. of Jio customer care is 1800-88-99999.

These steps will most probably solve your problem of Jio sim network problem.

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Problem 2: Slow internet speed

Another most common Jio network problem that user face is slow internet speed. Though it depends on the location where you are but still, you can try out given below methods to increase the Jio internet speed.

Step 1: Make sure you have completed the tale-verification process (The tale-verification can be done by calling the customer care at 1977 by your Jio number.)

Step 2: Clear the cache to increase the internal memory and then restart your phone (Regularly clear cache to boost the internet speed of your Jio sim.)

Step 3: Change your APN settings

The APN settings can be changed by going to Settings → Mobile networks → Jio4G → Access Point Names.
Create a new APN as follows.

Name → Jio4G (You can name it anything, it doesn’t matter)
APN → Jionet
Proxy → Not set
Port → Not set
Username → Not set
Password → Not set
Server → (For better downloading and browsing speed)
MMSC → Not set
MMS proxy → Not set
MCC → 405
MNC → 857, 863 or 874
Authentication type → No changes
APN type → default
APN protocol → Ipv4/Ipv6
Enable/Disable APN → Leave it unchanged
Bearer → Unspecified
Mobile virtual network operator type → None

Save these settings and also change the default preferred network type to ‘LTE only’ also.

Step 4: Change 4G network to band 40

There are different bands available in a smartphone. These bands are automatically changed for better coverage. Sometimes fixing this band to 40 increases the internet speed. The band can be changed in devices running with different sets of processors as follows.

a). In Qualcomm devices, you can do it by entering *#*#4636#*#* and then change the LTE band to 40.
b). For MediaTek processor, you can do this by installing an app, ‘MTK Engineering Mode’ and simply following the steps given.

Note: – Then above-mentioned method may or may not work even if you are using a smartphone with these processors. So, we suggest you to try them on your own risk.

Step 5: The most trusted and easy method for solving the issue of slow speed and reliance Jio network problem is downloading and installing the VPN master app or Snap VPN app.

These apps help you to select the different servers corresponding to different countries. You can select any particular country. Once connected check the internet speed. It surely will improve. You can try out different countries to find out which one gives you the best results.

Apps like these are available for free for both Android and iOS users and are really of great help in increasing the Jio internet speed.

So, these were the most trusted and used methods for boosting up the internet speed provided by Jio.

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Problem 3: Frequent Call drops

Step 1: Downloading the Jio4GVoice app. (For phones, which don’t have support for Voice-over LTE i.e. VoLTE they should download this Jio phone dialer app. Make all the calls from this dialer app only.)

Step 2: Patience (Due to sudden increase in traffic in POI – Point of Intersection, there are problems of call drops. Telecom companies are working to expand this limit. This could take a while to implement.)

With great popularity of Jio, there are also many issues that are associated with Jio. In this article, we learn how to solve Jio network problem. Above mentioned simple tips and tricks are found to be quite beneficial for the Reliance Jio users.

If your problems persist even after trying above methods, then you should probably call the customer care. They will surely help you eradicate those Jio sim network problems.

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Go on and solve your Reliance Jio network problems to rejoice yourself into the world of fast internet and unlimited calling up to 31st of March, 2017.