Infolinks Review: Make Money Using Intent Based Native Ads


Infolinks Review: I’m pretty sure I don’t need to reinvent the wheel by introducing you to Infolinks, because if you’re on this post there’s a fair chance you’re already acquainted with, or heard of Infolinks.

Infolinks is termed by many as the “Startup friendly” Ad-network, for the simple fact that it doesn’t demand a lot from the users. It’ll accept you regardless of how “new/traffic-poor” your blog is, offers you a good payout rate, and gets you some serious edge over the commonly popular ad-networks like Adsense.

By the end of this Infolinks review you’ll stop worrying about how to get that “startup cash” you’ve always been craving for.

Infolinks Introduction:-

Infolinks is armed to the teeth to make you some money, regardless of you being a blogger who wishes to make money from web traffic to his blog, or you’re a product-launcher or a company which needs to generate some leads and sales via advertising.

Unlike AdSense, Infolinks grants you a number of expandable controls over your Ads, both as a publisher and an Advertiser, am I saying it’s better than AdSense?

The customization options, acceptance policy, advanced ad-types and everything else only seem to surpass every other ad-network I’ve witnessed. (And I was able to rack in high three $ figures in a month with Infolinks, so I’d say even the Payout rates are satisfactory!)

Infolinks Review for Publishers

Infolinks makes web monetization easier for Publishers owning webpages and websites.

What I like:-

  • Easy / No minimum Requirement Acceptance.
  • A lot of control over the ads.
  • Low payout threshold.
  • 5 different payment withdrawal options.
  • 6 different Intent-based Native Ad types.

Infolinks Review:- Detailed Insight

Intent-Based Native Ads

This is what makes Infolinks different, exclusive and totally worth it. It seemed to magically solve my problem of “Ad-blindness”. (People just ignoring the banner ads and not clicking on them, at all.)

To be honest I didn’t know why I was suddenly getting a lot of clicks on my ads which were dead earlier; before switching to Infolinks, that’s when I did some digging to verify that the clicks were genuine and real and not some bot, and found out the answers to the magic CTR boosters!

Infolinks uses the visitor’s data (nothing personal), just their interests, what they’re searching for and stuff like that, and then serves them up with ads highly relevant to the product or platform they’re searching for.

This way, they get ads of products they’re already searching for, and hence find them relevant, so you get clicks, and they get their products simple as that.

And that’s just one of the superpowers Native ads has. The other feature is that the ads don’t look like “ads” in the first place.

Instead they totally camouflage with the content of your webpage and the website as a whole, hence making them look like extra content on your blog instead of third party sponsored links.


  • They are highly conversion optimized.
  • They are relevant.
  • They do not annoy the readers, instead solve their problems.
  • Camouflage with your native content.

And honestly, if you’ve not already switched to Native ads, no doubt you’re Googling for keywords like “Alternative to AdSense” and “How to make money from blogs”.

Short and Easy Acceptance Policy

One of the primary driving forces towards the compilation of this Infolinks review were the acceptance policy over at Infolinks.

There are basically no minimum requirements officially declared for you to get accepted as an Infolinks Publisher.

So doesn’t matter how fresh, under-developed, low-traffic blog you’re running, there’s almost an assured chance of you getting accepted. (Unless ofcourse the content is Plagiarized or some other “obvious” red flag pops up!)

As far as the “process” is concerned, it’s no harder than filling out a form with as minimum details as possible (like URL/ Name etc.), and clicking on “Submit”.

Codeless Integration

If you know how to Copy-paste lines and sentences, you won’t have a hard time integrating Infolinks with your website/blog anyway, cause that’s all you have to do in order to integrate Infolinks.

Just copy the Infolinks code from your dashboard, paste it on your webpage, and you’re done.

And if you’re not comfortable doing even that, well in that case they have automated plugins to help you integrate the codes on 100% automation, all you’d have to do is install the plugins.

Bottomline? It couldn’t get simpler.

6 Unique and Exclusive Ad-types

The reason Infolinks get clicked is because they make use of intent based ad-system, as I mentioned in the early sections of this Infolinks review.

But what remains is the “deployment” or the “Execution” of those native ads. They won’t be as effective if they pop up when users are reading something or if the timing or execution is wrong in any way, instead it will just annoy the readers.

So Infolinks has come up with 6 very unique, and exclusive ad-types which serve the needs of the readers based on their interests, with the right calculation of “timing” and “execution”.

  • InArticle:- These ads pop up only when the user has engaged with your content, making sure they’re interested in the ads which pop up because most often than not, they’re related and relevant to the content of the webpage.
  • Infold:- Analyzes what the visitors are interested in, and then displays relevant ads right on top of the fold.

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  • InScreen:- Smartly deployed ads popup in between page-views, when users are shifting between pages making sure they aren’t being interrupted in between something important.
  • Inframe:- Makes sure every pixel of your webpage is monetized, got unused webspace? That’s what the Inframe ads make use of.
  • Intext:- My personal favorites! They scan the page content and sync it with the user’s interests in real time, hence delivering the links masked as “contextual links” which look like just a hyperlink to another section on the website, and mostly is supported with thumbnail images to grab their attention.

  • Intag:- Similar to most ad-network you’ve crossed paths with, yet different as far as “relativity” and “intent” of the users are concerned. In short, displays ads in a box related to most valuable keywords of the page.

How and When does Infolinks Pay?

Even with the Payment terms, you’ll find Infolinks is more liberal than the other ad-networks out there.

It lets you withdraw your money for as low a threshold as $50. AdSense has this at $100, and I’ve even been with ad-networks with a threshold of $500.

Apart from that, Infolinks has a number of payment withdrawal methods, namely:-

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Bank-Wire
  • ACH
  • E-check
  • Western Union

And I believe that covers just about every popular payment method in the world, you’re bound to have atleast one of these so you’re assured of getting your money no matter what.

Extensive Control and Customization on Ads:-

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of control you get over your ads as an Infolinks publisher.

First of all, manual integration of the different ad types allows you to choose the positioning of most ad-types discussed above.

Secondly, you can customize the Color, font, styling and a lot more to match the ads to your own liking.

Infolinks Review:- Adshop for Advertisers

If you’re an Advertiser who’s looking for ways to advertise his latest venture on Blogs and ads to get the right kind of attention, that’s where Adshop can lend a helping hand as well.

“Adshop” was designed keeping the needs of the advertisers in mind, making sure you reach the right kind of people, at the right time.

Who can Use Adshop?

Anyone, who owns any kind of Platform or product which needs new visitors from the web is free to use Adshop.

Zero Ad Experience Needed

Even if you’ve never before had any experience with Ad-setup, the easy interface and user-friendly dashboard will guide you through the whole process, there’s almost no chance of you messing it up as long as you know what you’ve got to target and on which devices.

CPC Model

Unlike most other ad-networks, which charge you also on the number of times your ad is shown, Adshop doesn’t.

You pay only when your ad gets clicked. Hence making sure that every penny you spend is generating atleast some attention for you.

Image Banners

Infolinks allows you to advertise your venture both via text as well as Image banners. This is a recently added feature, although earlier an automated thumbnail-snap of your URL was generated, but now they’ve added Image banners altogether!

Advanced Tracking Options

As far as tracking your campaign goes, Infolinks leaves no stone unturned. They offer us a number of tracking options, although the center of attraction for the scope of this Infolinks review is the Post-Back URL tracking.

This feature is the most recent tracking options that has been included to Infolinks, it allows affiliates to track their campaigns better with the help of Affiliate software.

Other tracking options include:-

  • Conversion Pixel
  • Dynamic Macros
  • Conversion Pixels
  • 3rd Party Impressions tracking.

Extremely Low Startup Fee:-

Normally with other Ad-Networks you’re required to deposit in the brackets of $100-200 before you can kick-start your campaign.

Well that’s again where Adshop proved it’s better and I can’t finish this Infolinks review without pointing out that a negligible fee of $25 is all that’s required for you to start your first campaign.

That’s nearly 4 times lower than most ad-networks I’ve been with.

Advanced Keyword and Geo Targeting Options

Another one of the feathers in the cap of Infolinks is their recent addition of better and faster keyword approval.

They’ve recently upgraded their keyword targeting feature, and now the keywords are approved much faster compared to the early days, what it means for you is you can easily set off your campaigns and won’t have to wait days before your campaign is approved.

And you can also target your audience via a number of Geo-targeting options, including:-

  • Level-based Geo locations:- Country / Continent and even Postal Code!
  • Exclude Locations as per your choice.
  • Country specific targeting.

You can also go for advanced options like choosing the “device” and “categories” for your advertisements.

Bottomline? You’re bound to reach your audience wherever they are, there’s no stopping you.

Better Fraud Detection Algorithm:-

Infolinks makes sure you’re paying money only for legit clicks. Their advanced fraud detection algorithm ensures and verifies every click, making sure that your money is actually generating potential leads for you.

Refer and Earn 10%

They’re offering a 10% commission for the first 3 months on the total money spent by all the people you refer to Adshop via your unique referral link.

Infolinks is soon to launch their iOS and Android app for both the platforms in the near future. (I’ll be sure to update this piece once they’re live with the download links!)

Infolinks Review:- Wrapping it Up

So that was it folks, that’s all I had to pour out as far as this Infolinks review is concerned.

I’ve tried my best to paint a picture of what Infolinks would offer you both as a Publisher and an Advertiser through this Infolinks review.

I’m pretty sure that even if your blog is in its infancy, you aren’t getting lots of traffic, and do not have a thousand dollar theme even then Infolinks will help you rack in some serious cash. (Not a million dollars maybe, but not less than what you think you’d deserve anyway!)

Infact not just money, but the ads are so relevant and “non-annoying” that people might even take that as a “plus point” and come back to your blog because they found what they were looking for over there.

Do let me know which feature grabbed your attention the most in the comments section down there.

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