How to Use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle


How to Use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle: Reliance Jio services introduced super-fast internet to the mobile users in India. It offered 4G internet, unlimited calling, and subscriptions to many of its essential Jio apps like JioMusic, JioTv and JioCinema. All of this is available for free up to 31st of March, 2017. And there is great excitement about the Jio Prime offer among the smartphone using segment.

But one thing that is confusing for many of the internet users is how to use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle. As Jio sim card supports 4G smartphones only, many think, that they can’t be used in 3G Dongles. That belief is totally wrong and today we are going to tell you how to use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle. This trick can really be a boon for internet users who don’t have Wi-Fi or broadband connection for their laptop/PC.

How to Use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle Step by Step Complete Process

The process of how to use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle is divided into five simple steps to make it easier for you to understand. Let’s start with the first step.

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Step 1: Insert your Jio Sim in 3G Dongle

You need to insert your 4G Jio sim in your 3G dongle. The dongle can be of any manufacturer like Huawei, Airtel, Vodafone or Micromax. Insert it in the correct orientation.

Step 2: Plug-in the Dongle in your Laptop or PC

Now plug in your 3G dongle to your laptop or PC whatever you are using. Make sure it is inserted properly.

Step 3: Open Dongle Application

If you are seeing that the application says that ‘no sim is inserted’ in the dongle. Don’t panic. Some dongles automatically detect the sim and change the APN according to that. In other cases, you need to enter APN manually.

Tip: If your Dongle is blinking blue or greenlight, then it has selected APN automatically. Otherwise it will blink red light only.

Proceed to next step to input the APN manually.

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Step 4: Go to Settings

The next step is kind of important in how to use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle.

You need to look for settings of Dongle. They can be found using two methods.

1). Right click on the modem network connection tab under the notifications tab. Then select properties.

2). Open the modem application. Then right click anywhere to get option for settings preferences. Select it and then choose Profile Management.

Step 5: Changing APN to ‘jionet’

Change the access point name to ‘jionet’ in the settings. After doing this, leave all the columns empty and click ok.

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Note: The above screenshots are from Huawei modem application for just a sample. If you are using modem of any different manufacturer, still the APN can be changed easily by performing the above simple steps on how to use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle. Just look for the APN settings under the settings menu.

Now open any browser and try surf through any webpage. Chances are good that now you are enjoying the Jio internet from your 3G Dongle for free.

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Some points to remember

These are some of the things that you need to know on how to use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle.

1). Make sure that the Jio sim that you are inserting in Dongle is activated. Otherwise it will not work. You can contact Jio customer care to check for activation.

2). If you have brought your Jio sim under the LYF smartphone offer which was announced initially by Jio, then your that Jio Sim will not work in 3G dongle.

3). In the same way, Jio sim purchased under the HP (Hewlett-Packard) preview offer which was announced specifically for HP users will also not be working in 3G Dongles.

4). This method is just changing the Access Point Name and not converting your 3G dongle into 4G. So, the speed that you will be getting will be in correspondence to 3G and not 4G. Still it’s free, so enjoy.

5). Users having Windows 8 or higher need to manually edit the Access Point Name in order to use Jio internet services in their 3G Dongle.

6). Make sure your Dongle is in 3G mode. Otherwise the above trick on how to use Jio Sim in 3G dongle won’t work out.

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Another method through Jio 4g Software for laptop/PC

You can also try many software like Windows 10 Jio 4G software to run Jio internet in 3G dongle. This software is available for different operating systems. Try searching Jio 4G software for Ubuntu, Windows or any other operating system that you use in your laptop or PC. They are available for free in the internet and can really ease the whole process of how to use Jio sim in 3G Dongle, if they are installed properly.

However, we recommend you the method of changing the Access Point Name (APN) manually for accessing the Jio 4G sim internet in your 3G Dongle as the software like Jio 4G software is not very reliable.

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So, from now, you don’t need to search the google anymore for how to use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle. We have provided you the simplest 5 step process on how to use Jio Sim in 3G Dongle in detail. If the dongle is not accessing internet after these steps, the we recommend you to kindly restart your system once or twice.

Even though the steps provided above are for 3G Dongle, you can proceed in the same order for enjoying the Jio internet in any 4G Dongle also.

The Jio Happy New Year offer is about to end on 31st of March, 2017. So, rush to your laptop and enjoy all the free data you can at 3G/4G speeds. You can also register for Jio Prime offer and get great deals like cheap 4G internet.

If you are having any queries or issues regarding Jio and its services, tell us in the comment section provided below. We will be more than happy to provide you the correct solution.

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