How to Make an International Call For Free

A call to a neighboring country or anywhere in the world used to cost a fortune, depending on the minutes spent. Back in the early ’90s, a call from the United States to Japan could cost up to five dollars a minute. Imagine having a long negotiation over a phone and not getting a deal?

It’s not only about online calls to do the business with managed video conferencing services. Fortunately, calls anywhere in the world can now be cheaper. Let’s figure out how to do it.

How does it work?

VoIP technology is used for Internet telephony. It allows you to transmit the voice signal over web channels and make calls from almost any device connected to the global or corporate network.

The main advantage of VoIP technology is that a subscriber can use it in any part of the world with a stable Internet connection. Subscribers can use it to make free calls and transmit confidential data securely.

The Best Apps For Free International Calls For Businesses

Special services with a useful and diverse set of functions were created to handle large online meetings, tutorials, negotiations, and other communicative purposes businesses might have. The simplest and most convenient ones are in this selection.

1. Zoom

It is a star of remote communication and international calls. One of the company’s slogans is “Unparalleled ease of use.” The app is easy to understand and yet feature-rich, even for a beginner. Up to 100 participants can participate in a free Zoom video call; the limit for one session is 40 minutes.

The organizer of the video call needs to register. All other participants are not required to have an account in Zoom. There is a chat, a function of the screen sharing and recording of conversations. Premium rates start at $15 per month, allowing you to communicate unlimited time and add up to 500 participants.

2. Whoosh

Whoosh is an innovator in video conferencing, combining top-notch cloud-based solutions in synergy with AI. It’s a great app for small and large teams to work with. The basic package costs $12.8 per month and allows a small team of up to 8 people to work efficiently. Whoosh offers customized solutions and flexible pricing for larger businesses.

The app offers traditional features but stands out among its competitors with a number of unique features. These include gesture recognition, transcription and capture of the most important parts of the call, a weatherman layout, 3D backgrounds, breakout groups, and audio splitting.

3. Webex Meetings

Webex is a product of the Cisco communications giant. It is suitable for companies of all sizes up to international corporations. The free version of the program allows one person to create a meeting that lasts no more than 50 minutes and hosts up to 100 participants. Standard rates for up to 150 participants and 50 creators and unlimited time start at $15.3 per month.

The service also offers customized terms and features for enterprises. The program provides the ability to control the call with gestures, voice commands, and hotkeys.

Free International Calling Apps For Personal Usage

Keeping in touch with family and friends anywhere in the world has never been easier. We’ve gathered the most popular applications for free international calls for you.

1. Facebook Messenger

This service is part of the largest social network, with more than one billion users. You and most of your friends probably already use it for your Facebook chats. If so, you won’t even have to install anything because you can use Facebook Messenger to send text messages and make phone calls.

You can make free calls from your browser without installing any additional apps or use a mobile application.

2. WhatsApp

It’s another Facebook project for free international calls. WhatsApp is almost on par with the most popular Facebook Messenger, so the chances are that many people you know are already using it.

WhatsApp lets you make calls from your mobile clients and your computer. The service supports voice and video calls. There are both single and group calls.

3. FaceTime

This free service from Apple, which is integrated into the company’s operating systems, allows owners of Apple products to communicate with people over the Internet. It works only on branded devices and is not available on other platforms.

FaceTime has regular, and video calls with support for group chats of up to 32 people. While chatting, you can use animated Memoji to convey feelings and emotions. Live Photos are also available to help you capture the best moments of a video meeting.

4. Google Meet

This simple and convenient service from Google is designed to make communication with friends and colleagues easier. All you need to make the call is to be a user of one of Google’s services, including YouTube. To create a call, you just need to send the invitation link to your interlocutor.