Why Homework is Good for Students

Students do not like homework. This is a general fact. Most of them think that home assignments are useless and that they would be better if they had more free time to do what they like. The children’s world includes multitasking, instant communication, exciting video games, cell phones and social networking. You must have already heard your child saying to you ‘would you do my homework for me?’

So many entertaining and exciting things to do, so little time because they have to write homework. But is homework really that useless? Do students benefit in any way from it? Of course, they do. A student does not only do homework but also develops some skills and abilities while doing it.

There is a long-lasting debate regarding the benefits of home assignments. Besides the fact that homework bridges the gap between a student’s learning at school and home, it also carries other important advantages.

Time management and study skills

Home assignments set students up to start managing their time and plan their own study schedules. Time management will be very useful especially in the senior high school years and tertiary study, but also when they will be employed. Doing homework on a constant basis will become a habit and not an inconvenience.

Engage with their studies

Even if a student spends at least five hours per day at school, the allocated class time is not always enough to engage him/her with the school work. That is why, homework gives students the opportunity to revise the content they have learned that day with a clear head and a fresh set of eyes, away from the schoolyard distractions and their friends. Homework also gives parents the opportunity to engage with their child’s school work, help with homework and offer an insight when needed.

The teacher keeps track of progress

By assigning homework, the teacher can track the students’ progress, noticing when they are falling behind the rest of their colleagues or struggling with content.


Submitting homework also helps the student become responsible and be ready to face possible disciplinary consequences if the home assignments are not returned or completed as requested.


Homework will teach your kid how to deal with adversity, taking pride in finishing a home assignment no matter what the difficulties or problems might be.


Completing the home assignments promptly will help the student develop self-confidence and trust. If the kid feels good about his/her accomplishments, he/she will work harder on the next project to achieve the same or better results.

Some students need help with their homework either because they did not understand what they have to do or because they have too much then they can handle. Fortunately, over the past years, there has been an increase in websites offering professional online homework help. There is nothing faulty in asking for help, and when the parents or the teachers are not available to provide the assistance, a student needs such a homework website comes in handy.

Besides the mentioned advantages, homework also helps students how to think independently, problem solve and how to build interest and understanding of the issues in our society. Students need to understand that homework is not boring, it is not a waste of time, and it was not invested to ruin their lives.

Of course, there are also students who already understood all these and who view their education differently. They know that in a couple of hours they can have their homework done and then do something more exciting. They also understand that home assignments show them their strengths, but also where they need to spend more time on learning.