GetResponse Review – The Online Marketing Platform to Serve your Marketing Needs

All the businesses in today’s world thrive because of their ability to market themselves in better ways to their potential customers. Without proper branding and promotion, businesses usually find it very hard to make an impact on the customer’s mind. Every business has to be a market to their potential customers in a way so that they tend to choose them instead of their competitors.

The biggest challenge the businesses face is to generate enough revenue for the marketing team to promote their product effectively across the audience. With no proper plan on how to market their products, businesses feel the negative effects as their products suffer. In addition, most of the small & medium sized businesses (SMBs) do not have the fund to pay exorbitant high amounts of money to market their product. One alternative for these problems is the GetResponse tool. You can find out more about GetResponse below.

GetResponse : A Brief


Starting as an email marketing solution only, GetResponse has transformed to an all in one online marketing platform. With the constant development of their brand along with massive upgrades to their systems, GetResponse is climbing newer heights and setting new benchmarks in the industry. In little to no time at all, GetResponse has already formed a base of 350,000 customers across the world.

GetResponse is one of the most popular tools today that deliver timely updates according to user’s need as seen by the addition of the Marketing Automation tool to its package recently. The tool already boasted of features such as email marketing, landing page creator, hosting and managing webinars and more.

What Makes GetResponse as a Supreme Online Marketing Solution

GetResponse is one of the best online marketing tools out there you can find across the internet. Most people love the brand and their product because of the features listed below:

Marketing Automation

GetResponse recently added a brand new Marketing Automation tool with its complete package. This feature is quite useful if you are looking to create an intuitive workflow. To do so, make sure you arrange all the ready-to-use blocks in a way you want to market them and then, addressing them while meeting the KPIs with ease. Creating the visual workflows let you to make your communications more marketing based no matter what goals you set for it.

Marketing Automation

One of the biggest advantages of the marketing automation tool is that it is very useful to help you bring down your goals to manageable options. It is done for making these goals easily achievable. The new feature gives you the ability to react to the actions of all of your subscribers. This enables you to reach your goal faster than before. You can generate the measurable results for your products by organizing the actions according to your needs.


One thing you will instantly like about this tool is that it is very user-friendly. You can easily design most interactive workflows with its user-friendly options. You can setup many complex campaigns easily using the drag and drop feature of the workflow builder. This helps you to create many different scenarios, which portray the journey of the subscriber.

Email Marketing Tool

The Email Marketing tool was the feature that bought the entry of GetResponse in the industry of online marketing. This tool has around 600 pre-designed templates already added to its database. These templates are very useful to create exciting newsletters from nearly 20 industries. You can alter the design of these templates using the drag and drop builder. Almost all the newsletter templates are very responsive and tested to work on all devices.


Spamcop is the spam checker tool that comes with email marketing module of GetResponse. This tool is useful in creating a spam-free newsletter. This newsletter can reach the subscriber’s mailbox even if he has spam filters activated. You also get the choice to add Google Analytics along with your newsletters. It is very helpful in tracking the exact performance of your email newsletters. The tool also helps you to generate the reports in form of tables and graphs. You can download and store these reports for future reference.


Landing Page Builder

GetResponse has the best landing page builder you will come across on the internet. With over 100 different responsive templates for your landing page, you can easily customize them according to your needs with the help of the drag and drop builder. You can also choose to import your own template in the interface if you feel the need to do so.

The Split Testing feature allows you to check the performance of different templates to choose the best for you. The A/B testing module also allows you to compare up to five different variants of landing page template simultaneously and track the visitor’s response so that you can choose the best out of them.


AutoResponder 2.0

If you want to welcome all the new subscribers to your mailing list with a greeting text, then the tool you should look out for is the AutoResponder. The auto-responder functionality allows you to send an automatic text to your new subscriber who subscribe to your newsletter. You can even alter the text to add your own wording anytime you want. This helps you to impress the subscriber at first instance.


Webinar Tool

The webinar tool helps you take a number of webinar sessions online. These webinars are a great way to potentially talk to all of your customers at the same time and help to clear all their doubts together. A number of different templates help you to modify the looks of your webinar page accordingly. You can also customize the URL of your webinar and protect it with a password so that only a few people are able to join the webinar.


This tool allows you to share the link of your online meeting across the social networks and even help to schedule it within the next 3 minutes. You can also share your screen with the webinar attendees if you want to. You can record the online meeting for 2 hours and can share it with everyone.


What Makes GetResponse the First Choice of Users?

With an interface, that is user-friendly, plethora of marketing capabilities, and a reasonable price, GetResponse is among the fan favorite of many customers due to a number of features. GetResponse is quite popular because of the following elements:

  • Ease of Use: GetResponse is very easy to understand and use. You can easily navigate across all the options on the dashboard. What people love about the tool is its simplicity? The toolkit also comes with a number of video tutorials, FAQs and a learning centre, which helps new customers out massively in understanding the tool.

GetResponse Review

  • Pricing: GetResponse is one of the most affordable online marketing tools you will come across. With a number of different plans to buy the toolkit, GetResponse has become very popular among all its customers. You can easily get the toolkit for as low as $15/month where you get support for 1000 subscribers. The highest plan you can buy will set your pockets back by $799/month. This plan lets you send newsletters to over 100000 contacts and is quite useful if you are already the established businesses.


  • All in One Tool: The GetResponse toolkit is a complete package to help you market your business effectively. The toolkit comes with a plethora of features including marketing tools, webinar and landing page creators, auto-responders, and marketing automation tool. It is surely the most productive tools you will come across to market your brands.

Why SMBs should use GetResponse?

An all-in-one toolkit, GetResponse, is a perfect companion for SMBs. With a number of different features under one bar, it provides a number of opportunities for businesses to expand their reach. You can easily lure a number of potential customers with the help of tools such as landing page builder and templates to exciting newsletters. It can also help you to communicate with your customers using the webinar tool.

With the new update, GetResponse also launched the new marketing automation feature to its customers. GetResponse is helping the SMBs expand their businesses and reaching newer heights. This toolkit helps SMBs to market their campaign successfully to reach out newer audiences. Hardly any tool can compete with GetResponse at its price or features.

Final Thoughts

GetResponse is one of the most popular online marketing platforms with over 350,000 customers worldwide. The list of new customers is growing by each day because of the wide range of features the toolkit includes. GetResponse is, undoubtedly, the undisputed leader of online marketing industry and a great companion to kick start your business.

If you are looking to improve the reach of your business without putting in much efforts then go for GetResponse undoubtedly. The glut of features with powerful management and support will help you in business promotion & branding. It will ensure the overall development of your business. So, try it now.