FrootVPN Review: VPN for Torrenting & Privacy Security


The Internet isn’t a park anymore, your activities, interests and privacy are both monitored as well as restricted by numerous govt. as well as private organizations. That’s the reasons I’m scribbling this FrootVPN review down today, to help you bring one step closer to your rights to privacy, unrestricted and unmonitored access to content and anonymity.

There probably are over a hundred VPN services out there in the industry, but I can very well claim that if I had to list out the top 5 VPN services on the web in this specific price-bracket, FrootVPN would definitely be among the top 3.

FrootVPN review

Be it user-interface, features, “true-privacy” or the pricing FrootVPN didn’t fail to surprise me at any single step on the way.

This being a FrootVPN review, I get it if you do not blindly take my word for it, nor would I ask you to. That’s the reason I’ll walk you through every feature that FrootVPN offers with 100% transparency, to help you decide better if the tool is worth your time (or not!)

Importance of a VPN

Most people take a VPN to be just a service which lets them change their IP addresses.

That’s true, but that’s the very basic, atomic-level statement of what a VPN can do for you.

The core-feature of changing your IP address results in a dozen other features which most people are oblivious of, so let’s take a microscopic, tunnel-view look at what happens when you change your IP address and how it helps you stay anonymous on the internet.

I’m insisting because unless you don’t know what exactly you’re paying for, or what it’ll do for you, I doubt you’ll be able to adjudge if FrootVPN is truly worth your time or not.

Keeps you Anonymous:-

Changing IP address doesn’t just “change” your IP address, it alters your virtual existence as a whole.

It grants you a new identity on the internet, because you aren’t using the default IP address provided to you by your ISP anymore, so as far as the Internet is concerned, it doesn’t know who you are in the real-life.

Obviously you can change and rotate the addresses at your will for an even more de-linked existence on the web.

Encrypted Traffic:

Your internet connection isn’t encrypted by default, or let’s say it isn’t encrypted as well as it should be.

Well that changes with FrootVPN as well, they encrypt your internet traffic for better security and it minimizes the chances of the traffic being intercepted by a third party.

Keep Hackers at Bay:-

Hacking into your system isn’t as easy as depicted in the movies, agreed. But it certainly becomes a kid’s job if the hackers somehow gain access to your IP address.

It’s the very first step and the easiest approach to gain access to anyone’s systems.

Hence masking your IP address with a VPN is the cheapest, simplest and one of the best methods for you to keep those hackers at bay.

Unblock Restricted Content

One of the more popular uses of a VPN that I’m sure you’ve heard of before reading it here in this FrootVPN review as well; is accessing restricted content on the web.

Content is blocked primarily based on a geographical- IP basis, meaning IP addresses from a specific country/region are blocked hence they can’t access that specific website.

So when you change your IP and make it look like you’re based off a country which isn’t restricted, you have no problem accessing any and every piece of content on the web.

FrootVPN Review:- Features

The above features are basically just an outline of what a VPN can do for you, and considering this is a FrootVPN review, let me walk you through a real-life demonstration of the features and secrets that FrootVPN holds.

Professional & Easy to Use Interface

I couldn’t resist including this as a “feature”, even though it’s not. That’s because the extremely professional and easy to use interface from both the website and the windows client just deserves it, plain and simple.

If you’re anyone like me who has spent enough time with a number of different VPNs, you’d understand what I’m talking about, the difference is prominently visible.

New Client Area:-

They’ve recently upgraded their client-area to a much better interface, with a neatly placed sidebar for easy access to all the important sections, downloads section for the clients, as well as a section for all the manual configuration guides.

Basically even if it’s your first time with a VPN, this one page would help you out and you won’t get lost.

Over 22 Countries with 80+ Servers:-

FrootVPN offers you a list of 22 countries to connect to. All it requires is a single click to mask your IP address and virtually make the Internet feel like you’re browsing the internet from that country.

Some of the countries include:-

  • USA
  • UK
  • Denmark
  • Turkey
  • Portugal
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Ireland
  • Panama
  • Luxemburg

The above countries are just a fraction of the country-list that FrootVPN offers you to choose from.

That’s not all, for most countries you get multiserver support. Meaning there are more than 1 IP addresses you can connect to, from that same country. It helps keep the servers de-crowded, offering you a fast and smooth experience.

5 Different Connection Protocols:-

FrootVPN offers you as many as 4 different connection protocols for different purposes and needs.

  • TCP-OpenVPN
  • UDP-OpenVPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • SSTP (Extremely secure, and brute!)

OpenVPN can be paired with any of the above connections which require it in order to connect.

TCP- Transmission Control Protocol

This is the most reliable connection protocol available for any VPN across the globe.

It’s reliable because it verifies every bit of data after sending it, and sends the seconds data stream only if the first packet has been successfully delivered to the intended target.

This whole check and verify process makes it a tad bit slower compared to UDP, but I’d trade in couple seconds of my time any day for the confirmation and verification that TCP offers.

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UDP-  User Datagram Protocol

Reverse TCP, and you’ll get UDP simple as that. It’s basically a connection protocol which can also function at slower internet speeds.

So in case you’re having speed problems, or do not need a lot of “verification”, instead just need fast transfer of data, as in the case of multiplayer games, in that case UDP serves the purpose.

It doesn’t “verify” data as TCP does, neither does it “order” or “arrange” the data, and it’s also void of any kind of recovery process.

But that doesn’t make it any less capable, because UDP comes in handy when speed is a factor and not 100% data transmission.


PPTP is the abbreviation for Point to Point Tunneling Protocol.  It’s one of the default protocols available with any Windows machine.

Okay to be honest, it’s not as strong as LT2P or the other protocols described here, as it primarily functions on just the user-level authentication. But anyway, it gets the job done.

It uses 128-bit key for encryption and the modern versions can be coupled with EAP as well as TCP for better functioning.


LT2P is also referred to as L2TP/IPSec (as it works in pair with IPSec) and is also one of the most secure, commonly available protocols with any VPN in the industry.

Using two layers of authentication, sealing the data when it’s travelling between the sender and the receiver, using digital certificates and keys for transmission and encrypting even the authentication process are some of the strongest suits of LT2P.


Secure Socket Tunneling Protocols are the most secure connection protocols any VPN can lay out for you.

Their ability to tear through most firewalls and proxies makes them a weapon of choice when you’re dealing with situations where a normal VPN connection would be blocked.

SSTP makes use of SSL and 2048-bit encryption and hence boasts the special superpowers that it does.

P2P and Torrents Supported

You need Peer to Peer and Torrents support if you’re a frequent flyer on the “download” sections for content on the web.

Not all VPNs grant you unlimited bandwidth and Torrents support at this price, but FrootVPN does.

So you can download and upload content without compromising on your Internet Speeds!

Multi Device Support

Doesn’t matter which device or OS you’re on. FrootVPN can be used on almost all the existing OS(s) on the planet.

Including Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android!

And you can use as many as 3 different devices at the same time, for the same FrootVPN account without any additional charges!

No Tracking or Records /Logs Kept

The primary feature which guided me towards getting this FrootVPN review done was the fact that they truly value your privacy.

Unlike other VPNs which keep atleast a fraction of your data on record, FrootVPN doesn’t.

That’s what makes me sing such praise-songs for them in this FrootVPN review because it’s the one thing that most other companies do not provide you with.

IP addresses used by you, internet history, sessions or basically anything else isn’t recorded.


No Network Address Translation; that’s what NAT stands for. Something that’s exclusively being offered by FrootVPN (as far as the list of VPNs I’ve dealt with goes, and trust me that’s a very long list!)

I didn’t even know that the No-NAT feature helps increase privacy and security before coming across it via FrootVPN so it’s exclusive no doubt.

A+ SSL Rating (for Extremely Strong Encryption)

They won an A+ SSL rating couple years back, and even after that they’ve only grown stronger!

They offer 2048 bit encryption (the strongest possible)  in addition to PGP keys as well as PFS.

Too many abbreviations? If you know what those short-forms mean, you already know how damn strong their encryption is.

And if not, in that case let me put it in simple English for you:- It’s simply not possible (or extremely rare) for your data to be intercepted by a third-party when you’re on a FrootVPN connection. (The rating speaks for itself!)

4 Server Locations:-

This FrootVPN review didn’t just spring up without reasons, who wouldn’t vouch their names and brand for a company which already has established its servers in 4 of the largest tech-hubs across the globe?

The locations include:-

  • USA
  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • & France

And still counting.

No Speed Lags

A common misconception with VPNs is that they reduce your internet speed. And that holds true for most VPNs out there as well.

But not FrootVPN. Your internet speed is not compromised at all while using FrootVPN. It does get negligibly reduced but I caught that only because I employed some high-end speed tracking tools. (To get you a clear, unbiased and honest picture of the facts!)

The deduction was in KBs, so it doesn’t really effect or isn’t even visible to the naked eye or the general upload/downloads.

That’s because they use dedicated 10Gb/sec servers to make sure the VPN users get unbridled speed no matter what!

24X7 Support:-

How a company treats its clients “after” the purchase is what makes all the difference.

Well as far as FrootVPN is concerned, they’ve got a well-documented FAQ for most queries, in case that’s not enough you can reach them directly via E-mail to which they reply within hours, and there’s also a troubleshooting guide just in case.

Pricing Plans

Finally we’re down to the last section of this FrootVPN review. They offer 3 different pricing plans, all of which are the next best things to a free VPN plan.

The features for all the plans are exactly the same. The price-difference occurs only as a result in the billing cycle.

  • $2.99:- The cheapest plan, billed annually.
  • $3.99- Billed for 3 months.
  • $4.99:- If you wish to go for a “monthly” plan!

New Payment Options

They’ve recently added some pretty modern payment methods, including:-

  • Paypal
  • Perfect Money
  • Credit/Debit Cards

Final Verdict:-

So that’s all I’d pour out as far as this FrootVPN review is concerned. So is it worth your time?

If you’ve gone through this FrootVPN review in detail, you probably already have the answer. I honestly couldn’t find a “No, it’s not a great tool” feature.

Be it the no-logs policy, speed, interface, availability of features or even the price! Can you?

And I’d say before making your decision, do check the platform out for yourselves, that should clear any remaining doubts (if you have any!).

So I personally think it’s worth every penny. Do let me know if you agree or have other ideas regarding FrootVPN.

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