Essay Writing Services that Saved Me 25891 Minutes Last Year

I have two questions for you:

  • How much time does website maintenance take?
  • How much time does it take to write blog content?

A lot, and a lot. If you maintain a site, you cannot neglect any of its aspects for the sake of writing blog posts. However, you also need those blog posts, since Google values content. Plus, they give you chances to seamlessly implement SEO and link-building strategies.

What if you’re not a great writer? Who said an IT guy had to be a great writer, too? We thought all those academic projects were senseless, so we rushed to outsource them to an essay writing service. At least that’s what most of us did. Some IT experts had the needed skills to excel at academic writing, but now they don’t have the time. Website maintenance is the key task to focus on.

So how exactly do you get more blog content without spending your entire days in writing? I have two main suggestions to offer.

1). Guest Blogging

If you have a website that’s already successful, many bloggers will want their posts featured on it. You need to offer something in return:

  • Promotion

Write an open call for guest blogs. Promote those posts all over social media, and allow the bloggers to insert a link to their home site in the author bio section.

  • Clear Instructions

George C, a resume writer and career coach at, has written guest posts for many sites dedicated to blogging. Here is his advice to the hosts: “Please, give us clear instructions. Tell us what you expect from guest posts. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time on a guest post only to get it back with an explanation that the webmaster didn’t like it.”

2). Online Writing Services

What happens if you just started the website? You have a lot of work on your hands: polishing out the design, promoting the site across all social media, analyzing data and whatnot. Your call for guest blog posts may not give you the results you need, since bloggers want to be featured on sites that already have a great audience. In fact, you’ll be the one who submits guest blogs on other sites at this point. How do you make it?

We already knew the solution when we were at college. Now, we can go back to it: writing services.

When I was a student, my usual choice was EssayOnTime essay writing service. I used to order all kinds of papers there: essays, research projects, lab reports, book reviews, etc. When I got stuck with web content writing, I figured: why don’t I hire the same service again? I did, and the content I got was absolutely perfect. The good thing about these services is the direct collaboration between the customer and the writer. You stay in charge of the process, and the writer follows instructions to the tiniest detail.

I found another website that worked just as well: UK Dissertation custom writing service. I prefer this site when I need more complex content, since it’s focused on providing dissertations, theses, and other types of projects that need more research and more sophisticated style.

These writing services are great because they are affordable, effective, and extremely fast. I prefer them over freelance writers, since I always get to work with experts from the appropriate niche when I opt for one of these two services.

Let me tell you how they helped me save 25891 Minutes Last Year (no, I didn’t count the minutes I saved, but that large number is not an exaggeration for sure):

  • It’s really easy to place an order at these sites. When I hire freelance writers, I usually spend more time explaining the projects and clarifying the instructions. Here, I only complete a simple order form that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.
  • I don’t get guarantees from freelance writers. These services give guarantees: if I don’t like what I get, I ask for free revisions or refunds.
  • The work is always brilliant. Here’s how these services work: they pair your order with an expert writer in the given niche. If you need content for an IT blog, they will delegate your order to an IT expert, with a degree and all. If you want to get content related to marketing, it will be completed by someone who graduated in that subject area. Thus, I save time because I get high-quality content from the very first attempt.
  • The guarantees for timely delivery are great. I can set any deadline and I’m always sure I’ll get the content on time.
  • It saves me a lot of time I would spend on editing a freelance writer’s work. The content I get from these sites is always sleek, and it turns out clean on Copyscape.

Look; you are not obligated to hire writers to write for your blog. You can always get free content from guest bloggers. Until your site reaches a decent level of popularity, however, it won’t be attractive for guest bloggers. So, you’ll need to distribute your own posts to other blogs and keep producing great content for your site. If you can’t face that challenge, writing services are a good solution that will save you time, money, and nerves.