Convert, Download and Enjoy YouTube Videos in 5 Simple Steps

Before the creation of YouTube, it was impossible to even imagine that such a huge collection of videos, bunched together and sorted into categories could ever exist in the same place. The amazing video uploading platform has made it possible and started highlighting just how different and adaptable human nature is.

Some examples of popular YouTube videos include DIYs, makeup tutorials, vlogs, self-help videos, workout videos, audiobooks, and more, you name it, YouTube’s got it. Not only does it offer huge variety when it comes to content, but the fact that anyone can post anything, as long as they stick to the terms and conditions, is an amazing chance for passionate people to share their vision with the world, and thus make a mark on society.

Evolution of music on YouTube

Just like there are so many YouTube video categories, each of them has their own numerous sub-categories. Let’s take music for example. It’s no secret that there is a huge array of musical genres out there. From rap, rock, electronic, classical, not to mention traditional music specific to every culture in the world. Music has huge potential to influence anyone, from calming them down to offering something new and even going so far as changing peoples’ outlook on life, so it’s no wonder this is the most viewed YouTube branch.

Audio technology to complement music

Because this art form has such a huge pallet of possible applications, it was only fitting that technology progressed with it and came up with those features to perfectly complement music expression, like offering people various ways to enjoy songs. No matter if you prefer streaming your favorite songs over the internet or on a mobile device, there’s definitely something out there to enhance your audible experience.

5 steps is all it takes

YouTube to audio converters are the perfect example of adapting to user demand.

The straightforward process of converting YouTube video to mp3 online speaks for itself in terms of simplicity. It only takes 5 steps and anyone can download any file from YouTube in audio form.

1). Open a YouTube video in your internet browser of choice

2). Copy the video’s URL from the address bar


3). Go to the homepage

4). Paste the video’s URL inside the search box

5). Press the Convert to MP3 button

All you need is your preferred device, an internet browser, and the copy-paste technique.

The homepage has a list of previously converted videos so that you can get them directly, in case you run out of ideas.

Why use the mp3 format for music?

Ever since it was introduced to the public, the mp3 audio format has been an extremely popular way for music lovers everywhere to create huge collections and playlists of their favorite tunes, condensed into small files, just right for storing and playing again and again.

Mp3 vs. WAV, which is the better choice?

When making this comparison, you should keep a few things in mind. The two are different, but there’s no way to state that one is exclusively better than the other. It all boils down to what you want to use them for.

In terms of quality, the WAV file contains more information, therefore it is larger, so you will not be able to save many of these files on your device.

When thinking of file size, if your goal is to fit the largest amount of files in the least amount of space, Mp3 is the obvious choice.

File compression is an entirely different story. WAV files are lossless and uncompressed, whereas mp3 are lossy. This means mp3 files have eliminated certain parts of the audio so as to reduce file size. This process affects the final product according to the amount of compression taking place. However, the way this is accomplished is by eliminating those sounds that cannot be perceived by the human ear.

For editing files, it is evident that, since it contains more information, the WAV file would be a more convenient type of file to work with. And, although it is true that various individuals have their own opinion on this specific matter, the majority of people can’t hear the difference between CD quality and a well encoded 256 mp3 file.

All in all, it simply comes down to preference and purpose. The mp3 is popular for a reason and even with the coming of newer formats, the mp3 seems to be hanging on as a classic choice for most. The future seems to have stability in store for the mp3 format for music files worldwide.

Music shapes the world

It has been proven time and time again that not only music, but sounds, in general, have immense power over our minds and can bring back memories, change our moods and much more. For this reason, new and revolutionary ways of using and enjoying music will always pop up.

Various ways to use music

Some examples of the many ways music can be used creatively to jazz up everyday life include:

  • increasing energy before or during a workout
  • sleeping better
  • dancing as a form of therapy
  • ringtones
  • passing the time when waiting
  • making a party more fun
  • practicing music theory
  • teaching activities in a classroom

These are only some possibilities, but imagination is limitless, so anyone can tailor this list to match their own tastes and needs. The key is originality.

To sum up

Music is one of the best ideas people have come up with in the course of human history. It is and will continue to be a huge part of life as we know it and offer us a ton of various ways to entertain and educate ourselves through the complexity of sounds and how they can be combined.