CometChat Review: Pocket Friendly Yet Advanced Chat System for Blogs & Apps


CometChat Review: If you’ve ever wanted to integrate an advanced chat system on your Blog, Website, App, or anything that you’ve created online, you’ve landed exactly where you should have.

I’ll be reviewing CometChat throughout this piece, and by the end of this article, you’ll have a clear picture for solving your “Chat” problems once and for all.

CometChat Review:- Introduction

CometChat is a script developed in PHP which basically lets anyone install an advanced “chat” system on their digital online assets.

It’s compatible with just about anything.

Cometchat compatiblity

And as far as integration goes, for most of the platforms, it’s as easy as downloading the PHP file from CometChat and uploading it to your own server.

No code-scribbling, graphic designing, database creation or anything that sounds even remotely complicated required.

And it’s not just any other chat module either, it has really armed itself to the teeth when it comes to the features, and there’s not a lot which is missing from CometChat.

CometChat Features:- 

AutoLogin and One-Click chats:-

As soon as a visitor lands on your platform, they’re automatically logged in to CometChat and can start chatting with other online users instantly.

They can also add other visitors who’re online as “friends”, for easy access the next time they’re here.

Video Chat:-

Yeah, it’s not rocket science anymore. Even you can let user’s video-chat on your Blog, Social Network or anything else in seconds using CometChat.

When I used the Video-chat, I unexpectedly found the quality no less than most other Social network video chats out there for the video streams, and abundance of options to control the video chats.


There aren’t a lot of social networks out there offering “Screen-sharing” feature via their chat system.

Well with CometChat you can let users share screens without any additional tools, simply via CometChat system on your platform as well.

Avatar support:-

What fun is chatting if there’s no picture to relate to, right? Well, that’s why CometChat lets your users put up avatars on their profiles.

Smileys & Stickers-

CometChat has an extensive smiley list which you can use to spice up your conversations and express yourselves better.

There’s a huge difference between “I’ll Kill you” and “I’ll Kill you (tongue smiley) (laughing smiley) (wink smiley)”. Isn’t there?

Not just that, CometChat also supports stickers, basically larger, more colorful and better version of smiles.

CometChat Stickers

Text colors:-

Another “fun feature” worth featuring in this CometChat review is the fact that you can now “color” your chats and the color would appear as chosen by you to all the other members during chats.

This actually is more than just a fun feature and helps in easy identification of chats without having to check the name of the sender out.

Message Status Receipts:-

As I said, there aren’t a lot of things CometChat lacks, in case you thought I was saying that only because this is a CometChat review, well no I wasn’t.

CometChat shows you the status of your messages with the help of three different receipts:-

  • Sent:- When the message has been sent from your end successfully but hasn’t yet reached the receiver.
  • Delivered:- When the other party has your message but hasn’t read it yet.
  • Read:- Well, as the name suggests, when the message has been read.

Last Seen & “Typing….” Indicators:-

Like Whatsapp and Facebook, even CometChat tells you when your friends were last online.

And also there’s a “typing…” indicator which lets you know that your friend hasn’t abandoned the chat and is typing a messages.

Is there anything CometChat doesn’t have? Don’t think so.

Availability Status:-

You and your friends can let each other know your availability status by using the “Available” “Busy” or a number of other statuses available with CometChat.

Advanced Groups:-

CometChat also lets you create advanced groups for various purposes where you can add your friends and communicate easily.

“Advanced”, Well that phrase was used because it allows three primary types of groups:-

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  • Public
  • Password-Protected
  • & Invitation only.

There are other options as well including “Ban Users” “Kick them out” etc.

CometChat also lets you chat in more than one groups, simultaneously.

So even though it’s not a “social network” it does embed quite a few features that most leading social networks of today offer.

Advanced Bots:-

CometChat isn’t limited to just individual conversations. You can also use “Bots” of various kinds for different purposes.

Advanced Bots

There are weather bots, stock market bots, Paypal bots and at least a dozen more.

File Sharing:-

You can share just about any kind of file with CometChat! Zip, JPG, PDF of basically anything else can be shared over CometChat.

Other Advanced Features:-

It’s not possible for me to explain in depth all the available options for CometChat in this CometChat review.

So let me just list out the features and you can probably make sense of them yourselves:-

  • Photo sharing.
  • Real-time translations.
  • “White-Labeled” Versions available:- Without the “CometChat” branding, make the app totally yours!
  • Voice-Notes!
  • Push Notifications
  • Extreme Customization Options.
  • Single Player Games:- Initially users to my own site weren’t sticking long enough, but then the games boosted my page-on-time by over 300%!
  • And a lot more!

Mobile SDK

CometChat also offers an easy to integrate Mobile SDK that can be integrated with almost any existing mobile app.

Mobile SDK

Some features the Mobile SDK offers are:-

  • Standalone Package
  • ReadyMade UI
  • Well Defined Data Structures offered by its Easy API.

It’s available for almost every Mobile OS ever built, including:-

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Cordova
  • Ionic
  • Xamarian

And there is the well-written guides as well in case you’re stuck during integration. (Which is rare considering how easy they’ve made the whole integration process!)

CometChat Review:- Pricing

The first and foremost factor you’ll love with CometChat’s pricing packages is that all their plans are “One-Time Payment” packages.

Meaning you’ve got to pay just once and use the tool for a lifetime! (And maybe even pass it up to your kids, they won’t mind!)

Their three plans are:-

  • Professional Edition:- $129
  • Premium Edition:- $249
  • Platinum Edition:- $499

The Platinum Edition being the most feature-rich and advanced version while the Professional Edition even though is the least-priced, offers more than I expected. (It’s the package I was using before migrating to the Premium edition).

30-Day MoneyBack Guarantee:-

They’re offering a 30-day money back guarantee as well, and a month is a long time! This just goes on to solidify our trust for the company.

CometChat Review:- TrustFactor

CometChat is being used by some of the top institutions and platforms of the world, including:-

cometchat trustfactor

  • Harvard University
  • Warner Bros Pictures
  • RackSpace
  • HDFC Life

To name just a few! I’m listing these over here to give you an insight that nothing in this CometChat review has been exaggerated and instead has universal and global acceptance.

CometChat Review:- Final Verdict

So is CometChat worth it? Well, I’d leave that decision to you. Because everyone’s goals, needs, and aspirations for their projects are different.

But as far as “CometChat as a product” goes, I’d say why not? They’re offering such advanced chat systems, at a starting price of $129! I can’t imagine it getting any cheaper.

And the ROI you’ll have by engaging your visitors, in the long run, will be 50-100x more than what we’re investing.

Anyway do let me know your experience on this CometChat Review, and do try them out at least for 30 days before zeroing in on a decision.

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