Clickadu Review – The Premium Ad Network


Ads on the Internet aren’t a new story. And so isn’t the frustration and problems created by them for the visitors to your website either. Well that’s one problem that gets solved by the end of this Clickadu review.

In order to address the problem of frustrated visitors and at the same time help publishers make more money from their web pages, Clickadu brought forward the approach of Pop-under ads.

Publishers can’t stop displaying ads if they wish to make money, but at the same time the banner ads /Popups/ affiliate links or most other kinds of ads just add to the nuisance and annoy the visitors.

Clickadu Review – The Premium Ad Network

The name rightly embeds “premium” in itself, and it goes a long way to justify what Clickadu has to offer.

1). Adsense Alternative

For me, it’s the best Adsense alternative to start with. For the simple fact that most web users have become almost blind to Adsense ads.

They know it’s an ad without even having to think about it, and once their mind gets the “ad” impression, they won’t bother to even read what’s on the ad, let alone click on it.

Not to mention the extreme hardships you’ve got to endure just to get approved over Google Adsense.

Clickadu being the relatively newer platform, grants us quite the leeway when it comes to getting accepted on the platform.

2). Higher CPM Rates

One of the primary reasons why I migrated to Clickadu or am writing this Clickadu review is that most other ad networks out there have a tight fist when it comes to sharing the revenue with publishers.

What’s the highest CPM rates we’ve witnessed with other networks even with the best traffic? It was $1.45 for me.

That’s again an aspect where ClidkAdU would surprise you, although not a personal experience but a friend of mine, Nathan, recently shared with me the fact that Clickadu gave him a CPM rate of $13!

Well that’s the highest I’ve ever seen with any ad-network (and I’m not just talking about the pop-unders!)

*The CPM rates vary based on user location and device and a number of other factors.

3). Does Not Take Up Webpage Real-Estate

One of the other reasons why Popunder ads are skyrocketing their popularity is because they do not eat up webpage space.

Meaning you can be displaying other banners ads or any other kind of ads on your website, and can still use Clickadu popunder ads without needing any extra space on the website.

Clickadu Review – Detailed Features Insight

The above two factors were just the general observations and overall superpowers that Clickadu boasts.

Let’s dig deeper into what exactly Clickadu offers.

1). Simple yet Intuitive and User-friendly Dashboard

I’ve been a Clickadu publisher nearly for a year now. And the best part about it till this date is its dashboard (among other things).

Even if it’s your first time with any ad-network, you won’t have to fish for options, or hunt for reports.

Everything you might need, your daily reports, monthly reports, and even a “forecast” for the next month are all available under the dashboard itself.

There’s also a calculative graph which gives you better insights into what’s happening to your Ads and other important information.

2). Unlimited Domains and Easy Integration

There’s no limit to how many sites you can add to Clickadu, and as far as integration goes, you don’t have to be a coder or a programmer either.

As long as you know how to copy-paste, you’ll be fine. Integration is as easy as copying the code from Clickadu to your own site’s HTML as simple as that.

So basically just login, verify ownership of the URL, copy ad-zone code and paste! Done your ads should be up and running.

3). 100% Fill-Rates

All thanks to the 150Million+ daily pop-unders that Clickadu serves, it’s probably the only ad-network I’ve ever crossed paths with which offers 100% fill-rate, regardless of the country or device your visitors are using.

4). Average CPM

Clickadu seems armed to the teeth when it comes to forecasting and predicting how much money you’d make with any given kind of traffic and device.

They’ve got an Average CPM section which tells you what’s the rough estimate of CPM you can hope for for any specific country on any given device.

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5). Web As Well As Mobile Friendly

Doesn’t matter where most of your traffic comes from, Clickadu will help you monetize it regardless of its device of origin.

Meaning the ads displayed by Clickadu are compatible both for your Mobile as well as web (computer/laptop) visitors. And there’s no extra manual optimization required.

6). Payment Schedule

You get to choose between two payment schedules. It’s either once every 15 days, meaning twice a month. Or once every month the choice is yours.

The minimum withdrawal threshold is pretty low as well, at just $50 it’s pretty much achievable within the first month itself if you’ve got good enough traffic.

7). Payment Methods

There are a number of payment methods you can choose to withdraw your funds, including:-

  • Paypal
  • Paxum
  • Wire-transfer
  • Payoneer!
  • Bitcoins

One of the reasons of me scribbling this Clickadu review down was the fact that if you take this piece seriously and join Clickadu, I would be totally sure that you’ll be getting your money no matter what.

8). Great Support

Another feather I can add to the cap of this Clickadu review is the fact that Clickadu never leaves your side.

Even when you’re a newcomer to the platform, or have spent all of your digital-life with them you receive the same level of support as anyone else.

You get assigned personal managers, and can contact the support team via a dedicated ticketing support panel, or send them a direct email.

And there’s a fully loaded FAQ for general queries as well.

Even the response time is impressive, unlike Adsense or any other big-shot ad-network which probably won’t ever reply you (unless you’re spending hundreds of dollars with them!)

9). Referral Program

To top it all off, Clickadu even offers a referral program. Meaning if someone uses your referral link to join Clickadu, in that case you’ll be receiving good % off referral earnings as well. The first month you get 10% of referrals’ revenue, 2nd month – 7% and starting for the 3d month and after – 5%.

So not just using it, but sharing it has its benefits as well.

Clickadu for Advertisers

So you aren’t a publisher but someone who needs high quality traffic and audience for his latest startup, company or project? Clickadu is more than capable of getting you the right kind of eyeballs.

a). Advanced Targeting

The primary weapon any Advertiser needs in their arsenal is the ability to target exactly the kind of audience they need to. The narrower the choice, the better the results.

So that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about with Clickadu, it lets you target audience based on almost any and every advanced targeting metric out there, including – Geographical area, type of site, device being used etc.

b). Fraud & Bot Filtering

Even if this wasn’t a Clickadu review, I’d still be saying that the fraud and bot filtering algorithm with Clickadu is truly one of the best that’s probably ever written. The point is, you won’t be paying for any “unreal” clicks. The publisher or anyone else can’t use any kind of bot or fraud framework just for the clicks or impressions if you’re being charged meaning you got a legit, human click or impression that’s for sure.

c). Dedicated Account Managers

You aren’t alone! Clickadu assigns you personal managers to manage your campaigns, take care of the accounting and everything else. So no you don’t need to have any experience before getting started with Clickadu, neither do you need to hire a “pro-ad” company to run your campaigns.

And these above discussed features throughout this Clickadu review are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bucket-load of features Clickadu has in store for you.

Final Words

So if you’re looking to make money with your webpage/blog, Clickadu can be the best startup cash-builder for you, to help you get through your initial days and once you gain some solid ground, the revenue generation will tear through the roof naturally.

The CPM, ease of using the platform and detailed reports all work together to make your Clickadu experience as seamless as possible.

Even if you’re an advertiser, getting the right kind of audience without bombarding them with ads can be a real pain, thanks to the 210K+ daily conversions from Clickadu, you can get a slice of that conversation ratio for yourselves as well.

So that’s all I’ve for you as far as this Clickadu review is concerned, be sure to let me know your views on the platform and also if you’ve got any previous experience with them.

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