BulletVPN Review: Is It Best VPN Service in 2017?


BulletVPN Review: Lack of Internet Privacy and security are one of the most crucial security loopholes that a 21st century citizen lives through every day. Hopefully, that’s something we aim to solve through this BulletVPN review.

Even though you’re not aware, every keystroke you make, every Google search and every download is being monitored. And the worst part is, it can be linked back to you so basically there always is an agency or a curious hacker who knows what exactly you do with your internet subscription.

Now I get it that you might not exactly be building a nuclear weapon, but I’m sure you won’t be comfortable with someone, anyone, simply snooping through your business, no matter how simple and straight forward it is, isn’t that right?

So that’s where BulletVPN would come to your rescue, basically a VPN doesn’t “Hide” your activities contrary to the popular belief, but it simply “masks” your IP address, so that even if your activities are tracked and monitored, there’s no way of knowing or connecting the dots back to you.

BulletVPN Review:

We would get on this BulletVPN review, but first, let’s have a glimpse at the benefits of employing a VPN.

BulletVPN Review

Benefits of Having a VPN:

  • Untraceable locations: Your IP address is what’s used to trace your physical location in the real-world. So using a VPN grants you access to a vast number of IP addresses, so you get to “virtually” be in any country of your choice.
  • Protection from Hackers: Your IP address can be used to hack into your system, so using a VPN gets you a new IP address, which leads to a random server from the VPN, hence there’s no way someone gets into your system.
  • Unblock Restricted Content: Most “restricted” content on the internet is restricted “Geographically”. Meaning it’s blocked for the users of a certain specific geographical location. So using a VPN gets you the freedom to fool your ISP and appear to be from some other country. This way you get to access the content which might be otherwise blocked in your country or state.

And these are just some of the most basic, stepping-stone reasons of why you need a VPN for sure. In simpler words, a VPN keeps your privacy and identity secure. But you already knew that or why else would you be reading this BulletVPN review, right?

What you didn’t know is, if BulletVPN is worth your time and money, or not. Well, I’ll clear the air right away by getting you introduced to the features that the VPN offers, and then you can compare it to its competitors from all the angles, and decide if you want to go with them.

BulletVPN Features:

Here’s what the VPN offers, I’m not claiming it to be the “best” VPN, neither am I asking you to simply dash and shell out a few bucks. Instead, let me give you a hands-on demo of what it offers, and then you can proceed with the final decision.

No logs Policy

This is being mentioned at the very beginning of this BulletVPN review because this is what separates BulletVPN from most of its contemporaries.

It doesn’t keep any logs of your activities, period. So your activities are completely private. This is something that not many VPNs out there do not offer, and there’s always one or other kind of activity-record being kept.

25 + Countries 30+ Servers

What’s the primary feature any VPN offers?  The ability to choose from a number of different countries.

So as far as country support with BulletVPN goes, it supports nearly 25 countries to start with including some of the major hubs across the globe:

BulletVPN Server Locations

  • USA
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Italy
  • Canada and many more.

Yet another feature which makes the VPN totally worth its salt is the fact that it makes sure that you have more than one options to choose from even from the same country. So you get to choose from a number of different IPs for most countries (so they aren’t limited to just one server!)

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There’s this another feature which let’s you “STAR” your favourite locations for easy access in the future.

How long does it take to connect to a country? When we tried it out, it took exactly 7 seconds to connect to Brazil. I believe that’s fast enough!


So you have never been with a VPN before? Don’t know how it works? Well, you don’t need to. BulletVPN has been crafted keeping the “first-timer” perspective in mind, and honestly, their interface is easier than using a smartphone.

It’s a small “window” which opens up when you fire BulletVPN up, it has a big enough “Connect” button to help you connect to different countries. And it needs just a “Single click” on the button to initiate the connection so that falls under “Simple” I suppose?

BulletVPN User Interface

The left-navigation sidebar helps you navigate to the different sections of the VPN. And that’s all. No confusing buttons, no “hidden” locations. Infact there are no “overlay clicks” required either. All the options are a direct-click thing and are right there on the home screen.

Secure Connection Protocols:

You might be gaming, streaming videos, video-chatting or doing anything else online. BulletVPN understands the fact that not the same kind of connection protocol is required for all the activities.

Hence, it provides for as many as 5 different connection protocols, all with different levels of security, speed, and reliability.


  • TCP:: One of the most reliable protocols, although comparatively slower to UDP.
  • User Datagram Protocol (UDP): Faster as compared to PPTP, but not as reliable (no “check packet’s receiving confirmation feature).
  • L2TP: Often paired with IpSec, one of the most common and secure connection protocols offered by VPNs.
  • Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol: One of the “least” secure connection protocols existing in the industry, still serves as an option for the hard times.
  • OpenVPN

Bottomline, all your data packets are secure and firewalled, no one’s intercepting them as long as they’re shielded by BulletVPN.

Other Features

  • 3 Devices Allowed Simultaneously: You can connect as many as 3 different devices using the same account of BulletVPN at no extra charges!
  • Unlimited Speed: No speed capping at no amount of data usage.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth: No data-usage monitoring as well. Once you’ve paid for any plan, feel free to use as much data as you need.
  • No Speed Loss: VPNs slow down Internet? BulletVPN demystifies that myth as well.
  • Supports MAC / Windows / Linux / Android
  • Unlimited Server Switching: Change as many IPs or Countries as you want without restrictions.
  • Free Smart DNS: Helps you unblock restricted content and websites such as Netflix / Hulu / BBC etc.

How much does it Cost?

Not a lot! I’m not saying that just because it’s a BulletVPN review, but because they’ve got plans starting as low as $7.50/month (if you buy their Annual plan!)

Although if you go with their monthly plan, even then it costs as low as $10.98/month. Or maybe you’re the “half-way” guy and wish to get it for 6 months? In that case you pay $9.16/month for 6 months.

Bottomline? They’re cheap!

Final Verdict:

Is it a VPN worth going with? Yes!

They offer “Cheap” plans, and are feature-rich. Additionally, nearly everything is “unlimited” (considering Speed, Bandwidth, and Server switching).

Also, if you have 3 devices, even then you pay just for one and use it on all three which is a big “money-saver” for me compared to other VPNs out there.

So concluding this BulletVPN review, all I’d say is my personal experience with the VPN was more than satisfying, and now you should give them a try.

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