Best Uses Of Video Conferencing In Different Departments Of An Organization

The businesses around the world are already in on the idea of using video conferencing as a supplement for face to face meetings. Any department in an organization where meetings take place is in need of applying video conferencing techniques. It increases productivity and efficiency in the departments by bringing down the time required to conduct and complete meetings. Here is how each department utilizes online web meeting for their benefits.

  • Management: Everything from town hall meetings, board meetings, investor meetings, to branch-wise meets are all conducted through video conferencing. These meetings can also get recorded and later made available safely to any person who has missed the live conference.

Even the management of the big hospitals uses daily video conferencing for conducting their meetings. Traveling between two sites sometimes becomes an issue due to traffic and expenses and video conferencing is the best bet in those cases.

  • Sales: Video conferencing has been utilized to close deals quicker through properly training the sales people and interfacing with the customers. The financial services organizations use video conferencing to let their experts be in more places at one time.

Imagine the situation earlier when the expert had to fly to different places, make the presentation, and fly back home. Now the expert can connect more websites at the same time and impart the information more quickly. Thus, the revenue grows, but the salesperson has to go through fewer hassles.

  • Marketing: The marketing departments have found the value in video conferencing in the evaluation of marketing campaigns and sharing of creative content. More people in the marketing organization can be involved in decision-making process at the same time, and the decisions can be made quickly as well.

The global firms have people working round the clock to develop a campaign and video conferencing in such cases allows assessment of ideas faster leading to less time taken in the launching of the marketing campaigns.

  • Engineering, Production or Manufacturing: For many years, products have been designed, produced, and manufactured at different sites with the lack of video conferencing. The result of this was a delay in the process as people needed to fly between the sites for handling and repairing things.

Besides, for some problems, simple verbal instruction is good to go, and the engineer does not really need to visit the site. Assessing the problem can now be done by taking a look at the issue through the video and providing the necessary instructions.

  • Training: Students no longer need to travel to receive training and the trainers can also train more students at one point in time. Corporate training is in high demand nowadays, and the company no longer needs to fly in the trainers all the way from other countries to improve the skill set of their employees. Thousands of people can be trained together, and the training is completed in a much shorter time.
  • Human Resources: Without video conferencing, HR departments will need to spend hours in interviewing the candidates over the phone or fly them over. Interviews conducted over video speed up the procedure and make it easy for HR departments to choose the right candidates.

It saves both time and money, and the candidate is also more relaxed as he is in his own hometown. Video conferencing provides tangible benefits to all the departments of an organization by improving the way things work leading to more and more businesses adopting the technology.