Adcash Review: Best High CPC Ad Network

Adcash Review: You are desperate! You are disappointed! You don’t know an effective alternative!

Most of the bloggers feel the same way when they don’t get approved by AdSense. The story isn’t difficult either when AdSense ban occurs as well.

You know tons of AdSense alternatives are out there. But when it comes to monetization, nothing can beat the Google kid. If you have the same mindset, I am going to bust it.

Today, you are going to review Adcash. Without much ado, let’s get into the core of this post.

Adcash Review



The Estonia based ad network Adcash started its journey eight years ago, back in 2007. When you analyze the growth rate, you will be amazed to know they have got 200 million daily users. Yeah, you have read it right!

Do you want to know some more interesting facts about Adcash?

They have stepped their feet into 249 countries till data. The monthly conversions go beyond 5 million.

Now that you have got an overview of Adcash advertising network, let me invite your attention to the features.

Features of Adcash:

In this section of the Adcash review, you will get to know the impressive features. You can read them below in detail.

1). Different Ad Formats

If you have used AdSense at least one time in the past, you know it is mandatory to implement different ad formats on your website. In case you create a single format and replicate the same, it will make your website dull and the conversion rate will be the lowest.

That’s why Adcash provides you with multiple ad formats. In this Adcash review, I will give you an overview of different ad formats offered by the network.



Banner:– I hope you are familiar with this ad format. As a publisher, you can select ads of banner sizes and implement the same on your site. The sizes are 250×250, 300×250, 728×90, 468×60, 336×280, & 160×600.

Footer:– Just as the name indicates, the footer ad sticks to the bottom of the screen and it can’t be dismissed. Its sticky nature increases the Click Through Rate and hence gives you with maximum conversion. Resolution is 728x 90.

Interstitials:– Interstitial ad format has the size of 800x 600. It can be seen when in between each page views.

Background:– I hope you have seen ads that sticks to the blank spaces on the sides of the websites. Background ads are available in different sizes and occupy the empty spaces on your site to give you the maximum profit.

Site-under:– AdSense doesn’t offer this ad format. Some publishers also call it as pop-unders. Being the most profitable ad format, site-under should not be excluded. It is triggered when someone clicks on your site.

Slide-in:– The name says it all. Advertisements slide into the viewable area from the sides of the screen. This action grabs the attention of your users.

So, you have read about six different formats. In addition to those, it also offers two more formats specifically for mobile websites.

In-app interstitials:– The function of this format is the same as that of regular interstitials.

In-app footer:– Ads of this format sit permanently on the bottom of your mobile website. Functioning is the same as that of regular footer ads.

I believe you have got enough information about different ad formats in review.

2). User Friendly Dashboard

Be it a website or software, a cluttered dashboard is the real pain. On the other hand, a neatly organized interface is the best thing one can ever give to his/her customers.

Adcash has done it. Yeah, every single option is arranged well on the dashboard that you will not get any confusion in choosing the right one.

You can customize your ad formats, update payment details and do much more on the dashboard like a walk in the park.

3). Real-Time Reporting

Here comes one of the enticing features in this Adcash review.

I have faced issues even on AdSense dashboard regarding the reporting. But I am happy to say that you will not encounter such issues on Adcash ever.

They track every single page view and ad click precisely that you can avail the report whenever you want to.

Isn’t this the exciting thing in this Adcash review?

4). Availability of Website in Multiple Languages

Next up in this Adcash review, I am going to talk about the multilingual website.

You can view their site in eight different languages. Yeah, you just read it right! In case your native language is Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, French, Italian or Spanish, you will not find it difficult to read the website and dashboard in your own language.

I know you are enticed by the fact you just read..

5). Different Payment Methods

Next I am going to bring you to the most interesting thing in this Adcash review; that is payments.

Just like AdSense, you have to achieve a minimum threshold to get the payment. It is 100 Euros.

Oh, you are waiting to read about the payment methods, right?

Basically, they follow NET-30 payment method, where you can receive the payment of thirty days at the end of the month.

When it comes to payment methods, they support PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, WebMoney, and wire transfer. I hope you weren’t waiting for another method to read.

Final Veridct:

Now that you have finished reading my review, it is up to you whether to go with it or not.

The sign up process doesn’t take much time. All you need to do is just a regular but simple form filling, ad selection and code implementation. Once you do it, you will come and thank me later for coming up with this Adcash review.

In case you face any issue, just come back and scribble down your problem into the commenting section down below.