6 Expert Advice for Your Firewall Needs

In a world dominated by technologies, many businesses establish an online website to market their products to a wide range of customers all over the world. Shops and stores are one click away which makes it convenient for the people who want an easier and quicker way to purchase what they need. However, for the owners of the business, managing a virtual store puts them at a greater risk because hackers and scammers are all over the internet. The businesses online become vulnerable to attackers and cybercriminals.

With that in mind, this article will give you six pieces of advice regarding your firewall needs because it is an absolute necessity to have a secured computer whether you own a large enterprise or a small business.

What is a Firewall?

Firewalls are used to provide security and protection to your network— it serves as a filter so that you can assess which stuff you want to get in and which stuff you want to get out. It protects the network against the potential threat of hackers. It blocks and prevents malicious traffic to enter your network. Firewalls have many types and since expert suppliers of Sonicwall products can be found online, it makes it easier to seek a firewall when you need it.

Firewall Needs

With the information above, maybe you’re now convinced that you do need a firewall.

But what does it do for you?

  • It protects your data.

All businesses want their data to be secured and safe. Without a firewall, all the files can be breached and hacked in an instant. Some employees have the habit of sending strictly confidential information to other people through email. With a firewall, these types of emails and messages can never be sent to outside networks.

  • It secures the transaction held between each customer.

It does not just protect you, but also your customers. Online payment transaction requires the customer to enter personal information and credit card information. If the bad guys get into your network, then a lot of money can get stolen.

  • Prevents access to social networking sites.

The firewall can be set-up to prevent employees from slacking off. Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, youtube and others reduce the productivity that can be done within the day. It controls the employee from using unnecessary sites that has nothing to with the tasks at hand. So, disallowing access to these websites will boost their efficiency.

  • Provides VPN Services

You can be able to use a firewall to grant connectivity between each employee via Virtual Private Network (VPN). Through this, the files shared in the internal network will be secured while the employees can safely access the files.

  • Monitors the entire network for threats and breaches.

Firewalls are always able to monitor your network. If there is any malicious activity occurring, it will immediately alert and notify the administrator. Damage can be prevented before it causes any harm to the network.

  • Reduces the risk of cybersecurity threats.

Even if you have a firewall, it is not guaranteed that your network can never be breached. But having one tremendously decreases the chance that it will be easily breached; the attacker will have a difficult time hacking your network.

These six pieces of advice are the primary concerns but not all of it. A firewall can offer a lot to put your mind at ease. This is the perfect solution for your company, especially if constant internet connection is required for the daily operations in your business.