5 Best Ways to Read Books Online

Reading is one of the best hobbies you can get! It’s fun, creative, and educational. Still, purchasing new books all the time can be costly. So, what can you do?

This no longer has to be an expensive habit, a small luxury that not everyone can afford. You don’t even have to go to the library all the time to stock up on new books. Today, you can use the Internet to do your reading. Thanks to book apps and free websites, as well as useful features like the Google Chrome night mode when you read at night, this is more accessible – and more fun than ever.

5 Best Ways to Read Books Online

There are many ways to feed your reading passion at little or no cost whatsoever. Here are the best ways to read some books online.

1. OpenLibrary

Who says that, to read full books, you need to buy a Kindle or other e-reader. There are many sites that offer plenty of reading resources, one of them being Open Library. This nonprofit website has books scanned into PDFs – millions of them. To use it, all you need to do is sign up without any investment, and start searching for your next reading pleasure.

Keep in mind that this is a site for dedicated readers. When you borrow an ebook from its pages, you have a limited time to read it in Adobe Digital Editions before it is returned – two weeks.

2. Internet Archive

The first is also a creation of Internet Archive, but the original is different from OpenLibrary, Internet Archive was created back in 1996, making it one of the oldest nonprofits to offer free digitized content. Today, their catalog includes over 25,000,000 books, images, audio files, and videos. The collection of contemporary ebooks that users can borrow for free exceeds 1.3 million. 

In addition to having so many books, this site also has some useful features. Readers can use an online viewer, a text-to-speech function, zoom, one-page view, etc. 

3. Project Gutenberg

Gutenberg is even older than the Internet Archive. It’s been offering books since 1971. It all began with the world’s first ebook ‘’Declaration of Independence of the United States of America’’ by Michael S Hart. On this site, you can find over 60,000 free ebooks in different formats including HTML, EPUB, Kindle, and plain text. For fans of classic novels, Project Gutenberg has an amazing collection. But, it also offers 20th century authors like Herman Hesse and Agatha Christie.

4. Read.gov

Read.gov is a free reading resource provided by the US Library of Congress. It offers over 60 free books on the site, readable in different web browsers and featuring a simplified interface. On this website, you can read books such as ‘’Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’’, ‘’Anne of Green Gables’’, and ‘’Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm’’ – all without paying a dime.

5. Google Books

According to Google, their Books site offers the ‘’world’s most comprehensive index’’ of ebooks. This free resource gives people access to some of the most-read classics, many scholarly articles, nonfiction books in different topics, etc. There are also paid books for users to pick from, neatly split into a separate category.

If you aren’t sure about what to read next, Google Books has a great feature – a chance to preview samples of books in the field ‘’Preview Available’’. This means that you’ll get access to a preview of a new book or a book in progress.

Why Do Some Books Come Free of Charge?

Whether it is the government’s way to give people access to books, or authors’ decisions to make their writings available for free, we are enjoying a huge perk these days – the chance to read thousands of titles without paying anything. 

Some authors choose to make their books available for free online to create a name for themselves before they start charging for it. Others are more interested in making their writings available than they are in earning money from it. And of course, there are sites that are allowed to give free access to books for educational purposes, such as nonprofits like the ones listed above. 

No matter why this is the case, the reality is great for book-lovers. Today, you don’t have to go to libraries or buy costly books to get your favourite entertainment. The online world often offers books that are not available in printed versions and at libraries today. That being said, it’s time to sit down, and find your next chapter to read. Have fun!